• This prestigious box reveals a perfect harmony of four exceptional references! Discover the delicacy of sea bass rillettes, the iodized flavors of crab rillettes and the finesse of langoustine rillettes with Breton saffron combined with our new Langoustine Oil with natural truffle flavour.

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  • This set reveals a perfect match of three exceptional recipes.Discover the delicacy of the Scallops and the flavors of the Salmon associated with our emblematic Lobster Oil.Genuine culinary help, it is ideal to sublimate your dishes.

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  • The Groix et Nature cannery has published a festive gourmet box for Christmas, ready to be given as a gift or to be eaten. For a festive aperitif... Enjoy our Rillettes rich in salmon fillets (63%) from Scotland, which will seduce you with their smooth texture and refined taste. Our Sardine Rillettes (62%) cooked with a touch of Espelette pepper is rich...

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  • This box of mini rillettes is ideal for the picnics by the sea. It is also to discover 4 recipes flags of cooked rillettes on the island of Groix! As an aperitif, taste all these flavors on beautiful slices of bread. Lobster Rillettes , Scallop Rillettes, Trout Rillettes and Mackerel with Sichuan pepper Rillettes take you on a trip.This box consists of 4...

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  • Cooked with raw materials mainly from local fisheries, these authentic recipes give you the original taste of each fish. Combined with a touch of Espelette pepper and Sichuan pepper, these rillettes deliver aromatic flavours that will bring an original note to your aperitifs!

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  • Our Lobster Oil is elaborated from Blue Lobster, grapeseed oil and aromatics. Original & Creative use, this is an exceptional product to enhance your recipes. Culinary oil, in high demand by Chefs - Premium product. Add a superb lobster flavour to your recipes. Many different uses (both hot and cold)

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  • Discover our Potines of Scallops with organic aromatics in their festive setting for an aperitif or a most selective starter! Find in the mouth the fine and delicate taste of scallops cooked in butter and shallots, a real treat! Ready to use, they can be reheated directly in the oven for 5 min at 220 ° C and eaten directly in their potines.

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  • The Groix & Nature cannery and the Bière de Groix brewery, both producers on the island of Groix, offer you this unique box for the aperitif. Composed of two GX Blondes beers, accompanied by two jars of Groix & Nature rillettes: Scallop in Breton style and Mackerel with Sichuan pepper, this 100% groisillon box highlights the know-how of island...

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  • Discover in this pretty kraft box a trio of our flagship recipes: Scallops rillettes in Breton style 100g - Scottish salmon rillettes 100g - Sardines rillettes with Espelette pepper 100g.

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  • The Indian tuna rillettes (52%), a true blend of colorful spices (cumin, curry, turmeric) reveals all the far-off flavors of India. The rillettes of mackerel with Sichuan pepper (56.5%) will make you travel with its berries which give a note at once Lemon and Woody to this new recipe.

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  • Duo of rillettes de la mer presented in a "beach cabin" style box. A beautiful assortment illustrated with watercolours by the artist Michel Quinquis, presented in the form of a postcard directly from the island of Groix.

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  • The soups are part of the culinary tradition of the island of Groix. They are prepared without artifice: without coloring, preservative, flavor enhancer and thickener.To taste nature or accompanied by croutons for a generous and authentic dish.This pack of 4 soups (4x 400gr) consisting of 2 Fish Soups/ La Godaille, 1 Mussel Soup and 1 Crustacean Soup is...

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  • Discover our new kit consisting of a 727 Sailbags case made in Lorient from recycled boat sails as well as three flagship recipes from our cannery cooked on the island of Groix: 1 scallop rillettes, 1 Crab rillettes, 1 Seaweed tartare. Ideal for your aperitifs, this kit is perfect for presenting your bread or toast at your table. It also lends itself to...

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  • ARMOR-LUX et GROIX&NATURE, marques emblématiques du territoire aux valeurs similaires et au fort attachement à leur région, la Bretagne, s’associent à l’occasion de la 12ème édition Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe 2022. Forte de leur proximité avec le monde de la mer, les deux marques bretonnes lancent 1 coffret en édition limitée aux couleurs...

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