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Discover this assortment box of our three culinary shellfish oils that will awaken your taste buds!

  • Lobster Oil
  • Langoustine oil with natural truffle flavor
  • Crab oil with bird's eye chili

A true culinary aid, enjoy this gourmet set with a festive look for Christmas, the ideal gift to give!


This prestigious box reveals a perfect harmony of four exceptional references!

Discover the delicacy of sea bass rillettes, the iodized flavors of crab rillettes and the finesse of langoustine rillettes with Breton saffron combined with our new Langoustine Oil with natural truffle flavour.


This set reveals a perfect match of three exceptional recipes.

Discover the delicacy of the Scallops and the flavors of the Salmon associated with our emblematic Lobster Oil.

Genuine culinary help, it is ideal to sublimate your dishes.


Our Lobster Oil is elaborated from Blue Lobster, grapeseed oil and aromatics. Original & Creative use, this is an exceptional product to enhance your recipes. Culinary oil, in high demand by Chefs - Premium product. Add a superb lobster flavour to your recipes. Many different uses (both hot and cold)


This box of mini rillettes is ideal for the picnics by the sea. It is also to discover 4 recipes flags of cooked rillettes on the island of Groix! As an aperitif, taste all these flavors on beautiful slices of bread. Lobster Rillettes , Scallop Rillettes, Trout Rillettes and Mackerel with Sichuan pepper Rillettes take you on a trip.

This box consists of 4 rillettes of 30g each.


Discover in this pretty kraft box a trio of our flagship recipes: Scallops rillettes in Breton style 100g - Scottish salmon rillettes 100g - Sardines rillettes with Espelette pepper 100g.


The Groix & Nature cannery and the Bière de Groix brewery, both producers on the island of Groix, offer you this unique box for the aperitif. Composed of two GX Blondes beers, accompanied by two jars of Groix & Nature rillettes: Scallop in Breton style and Mackerel with Sichuan pepper, this 100% groisillon box highlights the know-how of island producers and their attachment to their environment, the island of Groix.


Discover our new basket made from recycled sails by 727 Sailbags in Lorient. Ideal for presenting your bread rolls or toasts, it brings to your table all the art of seaside living. It also lends itself to multiple uses in the house as a small storage or empty pocket!


Sweat unisexe confortable aux lignes modernes.

Personnalisé aux coordonnées GPS de l'île de Groix.

Les vêtements conçus à Quimper pour Groix et Nature sont fabriqués à partir de fibres d’origine naturelle, tricotés dans des matières douces et confortables, et confectionnés dans le respect de la tradition


Véritable marinière Armor Lux brodée "Marin de Groix"

Les vêtements conçus à Quimper pour Groix et Nature sont fabriqués à partir de fibres d’origine naturelle, tricotés dans des matières douces et confortables, et confectionnés dans le respect de la tradition.



We have carefully selected for you refined gift ideas to allow you to share the excellence of our Breton terroir. Our varied gourmet boxes combine our culinary oils and fish rillettes in refined presentations, perfect for every occasion.

Our assortments are perfect for surprising your loved ones on special occasions and events. Offer them a unique culinary experience with our exceptional set of culinary oils, ideal to sublimate each dish, or let them enjoy the delicacy of our fish rillettes with our mini rillettes box, made with passion and expertise.

To complement these gourmet pleasures, we also offer an exclusive range of accessories and decorations. Discover the timeless elegance of our marinières, or opt for the practicality of our mugs and tote bags, all imbued with Breton authenticity.

These unique and refined gift ideas bring a Breton touch to every occasion. Indulge in Groix and Nature gift ideas and treat your loved ones with authentic gifts.

We answer you

What types of gift boxes do we offer?

At Groix & Nature, we offer a varied range of gourmet boxes, all as refined as each other. Examples include:

The Culinary Oil Box, which brings together our selection of shellfish oils (lobster, langoustine, crab) for iodine and aromatic notes.

Box Wonders of Groix, crab and langoustine or our langoustine oil with truffle.

"Secrets de l'île de Groix", mixing the delicacy of scallops and Scottish salmon with our lobster oil.

The 4x30g Mini Rillettes Box, ideal for discovering our best rillettes recipes in mini format.

We also offer more compact boxes, such as the Duo de Rillettes Box or the Mes Potines de Noix de Saint-Jacques Box, perfect for a host gift or a refined aperitif.

What types of accessories do we offer ?

Our “Accessories and Decor” product line includes a variety of accessories, including a mug, candles, an elegant basket, a tote bag, perfectly combining with the clothes we offer for a marine look!

For which occasions to offer our gift ideas ?

The Groix & Nature gourmet boxes lend themselves to many occasions! They make gifts of choice for: Christmas and Christmas Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, birthdays Business meals and professional thanks, aperitifs with friends or family.

Their uniqueness and exceptional content make them particularly appreciated to offer without moderation! They allow you to discover the authentic flavors of Brittany and the sea.

What products are included in your gourmet boxes ?

The Groix & Nature gourmet boxes mainly highlight the culinary treasures of the sea, through a selection of emblematic ingredients of our Breton terroir: Rillettes of fish and crustaceans such as scallops, lobster, crab, langoustine

Culinary oils such as lobster, langoustine or crab oils Seaweed tartars and other seaweed specialities.

These products are carefully cooked according to traditional recipes, to offer a unique sensory journey. They allow you to discover the richness and diversity of Breton gastronomy.