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Discover our selection of Groix&Nature products made from shellfish. This selection includes rillettes, soups and culinary oils composed of Crabs, whelks, scallops, mussels, lobsters, abalone and langoustines from local and sustainable fisheries.

This selection of raw materials is the result of a rigorous selection so that each finished product reflects our island know-how and our commitment to the environment and local wildlife. Immerse yourself in a marine taste universe and enjoy refined and authentic products.


What types of shellfish and crustaceans products do we offer ?

We offer a wide range of rillettes, culinary oils, culinary oil beads and soups based on shellfish and crustaceans.

What crustaceans and shells do we use in your products ? Where do they come from ?

You will find in our products Groix and Nature based on crustaceans and shells: abalone and mussels from the island of Groix, blue lobster, crab, langoustine, whelks, Scallops caught mainly by small fishing boats in the North East Atlantic.

What are the nutritional benefits of our shellfish products ?

Crustaceans and shellfish are as healthy as they taste. They are usually a source of protein, omega 3, vitamins b12 and multiple minerals essential to the proper functioning of our metabolism.

In addition, our Groix&Nature products are made without colouring or preservatives from simple, high-quality ingredients.