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Enjoy the sea with our mackerel products

Our mackerel products stand out for their freshness and exceptional quality. Rich in omega-3, vitamins and minerals, our mackerel products offer many health benefits. Our mackerel products will allow you to enjoy all the flavor of this fish.

Products at the service of your well-being

Our mackerel rillettes allow you to take full advantage of the nutritional virtues of this blue fish. Elaborated with our craftsmanship, they are characterized by their subtle taste and melting texture. They will delight your aperitifs! We favor a seasonal fishery for our products based on mackerel. The latter is the guarantor of our respect for the environment.

An authentic and responsible culinary experience

By choosing our mackerel products, you participate in supporting sustainable fishing. Our commitment to responsible development is reflected in the quality of our creations, reflecting our commitment to our region.


What varieties of products with mackerel do we offer ?

We currently offer a range of high quality mackerel rillettes. You will succumb to our recipes based on goat cheese or delicately enhanced with Sichuan pepper. Each preparation highlights the unique taste qualities of mackerel, in traditional recipes revisited with refinement. Our creamy and creamy mackerel rillettes can be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a starter. You can actually choose to offer these rillettes on toast or make beautiful sandwiches accompanied by salad.

What is the best preservation method for our products with mackerel ?

To best preserve the taste and nutritional qualities of mackerel, we recommend that you keep our products based on mackerel at room temperature before opening, preferably in a cool and dry place. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 3 days

What is the origin of the mackerel used ?

We are particularly proud to work with mackerel caught in accordance with the seasons and quotas. From artisanal fishing, these fish are selected with great care for their taste qualities and impeccable freshness. The raw product is sublimated thanks to exceptional recipes. Whether you prefer smoked mackerel with beech wood, embellished with Sichuan pepper or goat cheese, you should find your happiness.

What are the benefits of mackerel ?

Mackerel is known to be one of the richest fish in omega-3 fatty acids, essential for the proper functioning of our body. Its many nutritional virtues make it an ally of choice for a healthy and balanced diet. In addition to its high omega-3 content, mackerel is also an excellent source of vitamins B and D, as well as trace elements such as selenium.

These nutrients contribute to the maintenance of a powerful immune system, good metabolism and optimal cardiovascular health. In addition, mackerel is a fatty fish, which makes it a particularly filling and light food. Integrated into your meals, it will help you achieve your nutritional wellness goals, while offering you a unique taste experience.

What recipes can we make with our products with mackerel?

Our mackerel products are suitable for many preparations. Rillettes can be enjoyed as an aperitif, on toast or blinis. Our rillettes can be used to make fast and balanced dishes, such as sandwiches, pasta or quiches and savory pies. You can also include them in your best recipes for glasses. Their culinary versatility makes them essential ingredients for tasty and healthy meals on a daily basis.

How are our mackerel rillettes prepared ?

At Groix et Nature, we pay special attention to the preparation of our mackerel, in accordance with the Breton tradition. We have chosen extraordinary recipes, to allow you to rediscover this typical fish of the Breton coast. You will enjoy a smoke version with beech wood, with its authentic taste. We also use spices such as Sichuan pepper, woody and slightly lemony or cheeses such as goat, for an authentic recipe. Our mackerel rillettes are made from cooked and smoked fillets slowly in our workshop, to fully reveal their natural flavors.