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Seaweed preparations: a cuisine with marine flavors

Discover our seaweed preparations, marine products that will make you travel to the heart of the ocean. Our delicious seaweed recipes offer exceptional nutritional value.

Seaweed tartare: an explosion of marine flavours

Let yourself be seduced by our algae tartare, a unique creation that combines the benefits of algae with marine flavors. Enjoy these recipes cooked with organic seaweed harvested on the Breton coast and discover a new dimension of seaweed cuisine, combining freshness and originality.

The products of the sea of Brittany

Explore our range of seaweed products and immerse yourself in a unique taste universe. Our seaweed dishes offer you an unprecedented culinary experience, while respecting your diet. Enjoy the vegetal marine flavors and be surprised by their delicacy.


What is edible seaweed ?

Edible algae are aquatic plants rich in essential nutrients, harvested in pure and natural waters. At Groix & Nature, we only use certified organic algae, grown sustainably.

Their marine flavors and unique texture make them ingredients of choice to create delicious preparations full of benefits.

Where do the ingredients used in your seaweed products come from ?

Our products are made with the utmost care, carefully selecting each ingredient. The seaweed comes from organic crops located on the coast of Brittany and harvested by hand.

We pay particular attention to the origin of our ingredients, to offer tasty and virtuous products, in line with our ethical and sustainable commitments.

How can I use your algae products in my recipes ?

Our algae products are incredibly versatile in the kitchen. They can be easily integrated into a multitude of preparations. For example, our seaweed tartare can be enjoyed as a side dish or as a base for toasts, burgers or salads.

Our delicious seaweed preparations go perfectly with raw vegetables, breads or raw vegetables. Let your creativity run wild and let yourself be guided by the marine flavors of our products to sublimate your recipes!

Our recipe ideas: Mackerel fillets candied with seaweed oil and strawberry marinade with seaweed oil

What are the health benefits of algae products ?

Algae are known for their many nutritional virtues. Rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, they are a source of essential elements for our body. Algae are therefore particularly beneficial as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

Their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties make them allies of choice to preserve your health and well-being on a daily basis. Let yourself be tempted by the marine delights of Groix & Nature!