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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to offer gourmet gifts that will delight the heart of our half.

At Groix & Nature, we offer a range of quality seafood products, from sustainable fishing, ideal for this feast dear to our hearts.

Offer an original gift for Valentine’s Day with our gourmet boxes composed of fish rillettes, culinary oils and other marine specialties.

Our products will bring you softness and tenderness on this special day. Choosing a Groix and Nature gift box is to offer your loved ones an original gastronomic gift.

Give your partner a taste journey and share together a moment of happiness and delicacy.


What are the advantages of gourmet seafood gifts for Valentine’s Day compared to other options ?

Gourmet seafood gifts for Valentine’s Day stand out for their originality and refinement. Our gourmet boxes Saint Valentin Groix and Nature offer an alternative to traditional chocolates and flowers.

Our products are the result of a rigorous selection of quality raw materials and unparalleled Groisillon know-how. Giving a Groix and Nature gift is giving an exceptional gift on Valentine’s Day

What are the gourmet seafood gifts we offer for Valentine’s Day ?

Our best gift ideas for Grandmothers Day are undeniably our gift boxes: Find our mini-rillettes box, the Secret box of the island of Groix, Wonders of the island of Groix, Culinary oil box.

How to choose the perfect gourmet gift for my partner for Valentine’s Day ?

Your partner loves seafood? Choose our mini rillettes box. If your soul mate has the soul of a fine cook, do not hesitate to include our culinary oils in your gourmet Valentine’s Day gift!

What simple and delicious Groix & Nature seafood recipe ideas make Valentine’s Day even more special ?

For a successful Valentine’s Day meal we offer: As an aperitif rillettes of White Tuna Germon Groix and Nature, avocado and critron.

As a starter, a Terre&Mer salad: Groix and Nature marinated octopus, arugula, orange and grapefruit segments, seasoned with olive oil and balsam vinegar.

As a dish we offer you our recipe of Risoni with garlic of bears and Rillettes of Grondin Massala In dessert enjoy a delicious strawberry marinade with seaweed oil.