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Discover our handmade Seaweed Tartares, essential in marine gastronomy, to awaken your taste buds to the flavors of the ocean.

Our artisanal cannery cooks the richness of seaweed to offer you a unique gastronomic experience and make you travel through the delicious marine flavors.

Our seaweed is harvested fresh by hand along the coast of Brittany. This treasure of the sea is then meticulously prepared to preserve its delicate flavor and nutritional properties.

Ideal to sublimate your toast or toast, these seaweed tartares are an original idea for a vegetarian aperitif. For seaweed cooking ideas, they are perfect to display culinary pleasure as an accompaniment to your fish or vegetable salads.

The Seaweed Tartare is a symphony of marine tastes, ideal to enhance your dishes in a refined way. It brings a vegetal and iodine touch that will seduce the most demanding palates.


What health benefits do seaweed provide ?

Seaweed has many nutritional values and has many health benefits. Rich in vitamins (A, B, C, E, K), they contribute to the proper functioning of our body.

They are also a source of essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iodine, essential for bone, muscle and thyroid health.

In addition to their nutritional qualities, seaweed is rich in antioxidants, which help strengthen the immune system and omega-3, beneficial for cardiovascular health.

In addition, their high fiber content promotes digestion. Using our Seaweed Tartars in your diet is a delicious and natural way to enjoy all these benefits for your health.

What varieties of seaweed are used in our tartars ?

We mainly use for our Seaweed Tartare with capers and pickles, sea lettuce, sea beans, and Dulse. For our Organic Seaweed Tartare, we use Sea Lettuce, Dulse, Nori and Wakame.

What is the recommended shelf life for our products, and what are the best practices for preserving them ?

Before opening, store your pot of Seaweed Tartare at room temperature, preferably in a cool and dry place respecting the consumption deadline present on it. After opening, the Tartare should be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 3 days.

What recipes do we recommend to enhance our seaweed tartars and make the most of them ?

Here are some recipe ideas to enhance our seaweed tartars:

  • Antipastis Groisillons, for a fresh and refined aperitif.
  • The tartare of seaweed, egg mimosa and creamy tuna, ideal for a starter full of marine flavors.
  • Grilled Hake with Seaweed Tartare sauce for a spicy dish.

How is the harvesting and processing of algae used in our tartars ?

Our algae supplier Bretalg is located in Brittany and is a company specializing in the handmade harvesting of organic algae from wild shores. They perpetuate an ancestral know-how with a manual working method, thus guaranteeing exceptional quality and deep respect for the environment.