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Explore the authenticity of the island lifestyle through our exclusive range of refined accessories, ideal for unique gift ideas.

Our products are made in an eco-responsible and ethical way, highlighting tradition and craftsmanship, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Our marinières and t-shirts, carefully designed by Maison Armor Lux, offer not only comfort but also a touch of maritime authenticity to your wardrobe. Each piece is a tribute to tradition and craftsmanship, guaranteeing exceptional quality.

Imagine yourself enjoying a tea or coffee in a delicately illustrated mug, awaken your senses with our scented candles making you travel on the island of Groix or stroll along the sea with our tote bag to take your picnic.

Offer your loved ones memories of the island of Groix with our marine accessories and clothing, symbols of Breton culture. Gift ideas for any occasion, perfect for unforgettable memories.


What gift ideas do we recommend as Breton souvenirs from the island of Groix ?

We offer a wide range of products perfect for keeping unique souvenirs of the island of Groix. Our “Art of Living” range offers a collection of textiles made by Armox Lux, a mug, a tote bag and a whole set of quality objects such as our island recipe book from Groix, ideal for memorable gifts.

What kind of accessories do we offer ?

Our range of products «Accessories and decoration» includes various accessories, including a mug, candles, an elegant basket, a tote bag, combining perfectly with the clothes we offer for a marine look !

Are our products manufactured locally on the island of Groix ?

Our production plant is located in Groix, our culinary products are manufactured directly on the island. Our range of Accessories and décorations products is produced outside Groix Island in Brittany, with our local partners who reflect our authenticity and know-how.

Are our products environmentally friendly ?

Yes, our products are environmentally friendly. We make a point of using local products and partnerships by promoting short supply chains.

Thus, our Art of Living collection, produced by our partners, is made from eco-responsible materials such as recycled sails for our basket.

We are proud to contribute to the sustainable development and development of our unique territory. By choosing our products, you support a respectful approach to nature and contribute to the preservation of our heritage.