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Exceptional ready meals

At Groix & Nature, we make it a point of honor to offer a selection of cooked dishes of exceptional quality. From our artisanal know-how, these preparations highlight the best seafood products.

Breton flavours enhanced

Whether it is our cod brandade, our tuna cooked with white beans or our delicious monkfish with lentils, each of our dishes reveals unique, balanced and generous flavors. Through the selection of quality ingredients and raw materials, we offer our customers a unique and authentic culinary experience.

An authenticity preserved from the sea to your plate

Anxious to offer impeccable products, we make a point of honor to guarantee the flavor of our cooked dishes. From the sea to your table, our recipes transport you to the heart of Brittany for an unforgettable tasting moment.


What types of ready meals do we offer ?

At Groix & Nature, our range of ready-made dishes showcases the best seafood, cooked in an artisanal way and revealing all the initial flavors of each fish. You can discover traditional recipes like our delicious cod brandade, but also more contemporary dishes such as our tuna cooked with white beans and ratatouille.

We also offer more original specialties, such as our monkfish with lentils and bacon, to offer our customers a unique and authentic taste experience.

What seafood products do we use in the preparation of our ready meals ?

We carefully select the best fish for the preparation of our dishes. Thus, you will find in our range albacore tuna, cod, monkfish, or haddock. We strive to work only with quality ingredients.

What is the origin of our seafood ?

Our seafood comes mainly from small fishing boats. We work closely with local fishmongers to ensure the traceability and authenticity of our ingredients. This proximity to our suppliers allows us to control the entire production chain, from the sea to your plate. We also choose to work as much as possible with vegetables and condiments of French origin.

What are the recommended heating instructions for our ready meals ?

Our ready meals can be heated directly in their jars, in the oven at 180°C for 15 minutes. This method preserves the integrity of ingredients and flavours. We also recommend checking the core temperature before serving, for an optimal taste experience.

What are the advantages of choosing Groix & Nature’s ready meals ?

By choosing our cooked dishes, you benefit from several advantages: An artisanal preparation, Respecting the Breton culinary tradition Promoting a local economy Dishes prepared with respect for the environment

Balanced and generous recipes, for a tasty and comforting meal A convenience of use, with dishes ready to warm A sustainable and ethical commitment of the brand, concerned about the environment Opt for Breton excellence with Groix & Nature!