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Discover our range of vegetable spreads, refined recipes that sublimate every gourmet moment. Cooked with care from French vegetables and associated with a natural cheese of Brittany origin, our spreads are perfect to bring new flavors to your appetizers, to be enjoyed with Brets buckwheat chips.

Our spreads with carrots and honey from France offer a sweet combination of sweet and savory flavors. Enjoy the marriage of carrots grown in France slightly caramelized with honey, produced by French beekeepers chosen for its purity and incomparable taste.

Enjoy the smoothness of our Butternut de France and hazelnut spreads, this vegetable known for its sweet and slightly sweet flavor and these carefully selected hazelnuts.

For a unique taste experience, enjoy Bretons Rôtis à l'ail cauliflower spreads, a real explosion of roasted and subtle flavors, this product highlights our artisanal know-how and the culinary riches of our region.

Each product is made with quality ingredients, reflecting our commitment to authenticity and local production. Our vegetable spreads are not only delicious, but also suitable for vegetarian appetizers. So, let yourself be seduced by our spreads of vegetables Groix and Nature, fresh taste and creamy texture and bring a touch of freshness and refinement to your appetizers.


What vegetable spreads do we propose ?

We offer a range of three vegetable spreadable recipes. Our spreads with carrots and honey of France, our spreads of Butternut of France and hazelnuts, the spreads of cauliflower Bretons Roasted garlic. These spreads are carefully made by our team in our culinary workshop.

Where do the products used in our vegetable spreads come from?

Our vegetable spreads are cooked from French vegetables and associated with a natural cheese of Brittany origin.

How to use our vegetable spreads ?

Our vegetable spreads are ideal as an aperitif accompanied by Buckwheat Chips Brets. You can also spread them on toasts, crackers or slices of toast for an elegant and tasty aperitif. They are perfect to impress your guests with unique and refined flavors.

How to preserve our vegetable spreads ?

Our vegetable spreads should be stored at room temperature before opening, preferably in a cool, dry place. After opening, refrigerate and consume within 3 days.