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Groix & Nature culinary oils

A unique sensory experience Our premium culinary oils, with delicate and gourmet notes, sublimate all your dishes and make you travel to the heart of the ocean. They are the result of meticulous work, respect for nature and a desire to offer exceptional products to the delight of your taste buds.

Exceptional ingredients for sublime dishes

We create for you a range of varied culinary oils to subtly accompany your most beautiful culinary creations. Lobster oil, langoustine oil with truffle, crab oil with bird pepper and seaweed oil reveal all the aromatic virtues of seafood and marine plants.

Oil pearls for an unforgettable gastronomic experience

To extend the sensory experience, Groix & Nature has also developed an exquisite range of oil beads. Made from lobster oil, bird chilli crab oil and seaweed oil these pearls burst delicately in the mouth, revealing all their refined flavors. They are also an undeniable asset to seduce your guests, adding a touch of elegance to your dishes.


What are the different culinary oils offered by Groix & Nature ?

Groix & Nature offers a selection of premium culinary oils based on seafood. Unique, lobster oil is made from blue lobster, grape seed oil and herbs. Infused with grape seed oil, Langoustine oil with truffle aroma brings an elegant and refined touch to your dishes. Infused with grape seed oil, the bird chilli crab oil is ideal to enhance your preparations. Seaweed oil, a blend of grape seed oil infused with seaweed and basil, reveals all the aromatic virtues of seaweed and plants.

How are these culinary oils made ?

Our culinary oils are handcrafted in our workshop on the island of Groix by infusion process to deliver all the flavors and unique properties of crustaceans and algae.

How to use these culinary oils in cooking ?

Culinary oils lend themselves to multiple culinary uses to perfect your preparations. Lobster oil enhances seafood, salads and carpaccios. Ideal for a delicious recipe of tagliatelle and prawns with lobster oil or lamb tajine.

Ideal also for salads, carpaccios de Saint-Jacques, raw or cooked fish fillets, or to make a homemade mayonnaise to accompany your seafood. Langoustine oil with truffle brings a refined touch to your risottos, sushi and carpaccios. Crab oil with bird chilli enhances sushi, accras and fish dishes, such as salmon carpaccio.

Finally, seaweed oil pairs wonderfully with dressings, fish fillets and salads, or desserts like a strawberry marinade.

Are these culinary oils suitable for a particular diet ?

Our culinary oils are 100% natural, without any additives or preservatives. They are therefore compatible with many specific diets such as the gluten-free diet or the low sugar diet.

What makes these culinary oils eco-friendly ?

Each Groix & Nature culinary oil is the result of meticulous work, combining traditional know-how and gustatory innovation. Seafood products are selected with the greatest attention, mainly from local suppliers who share the same values of respect for the environment. The environmental footprint of these culinary oils is reduced through local processing and eco-responsible packaging.