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Dive into the Groisillon universe with our tuna pâtés, specialties of Groix & Nature that sublimate island products.

These delicious tuna pâtés, prepared with care and expertise from Germon white tuna from Breton fishing are real invitations to tasting.

The three recipes of Pâtés des Thoniers are authentic and tasty by their association Terre&Mer.

Discover the iodine notes of the traditional recipe, the originality of the recipe with Chorizo and the sweet spicy notes of the recipe in Colombo that will make your taste buds travel!

Ideal for your aperitifs, tuna pâtés can also enhance your culinary preparations such as your sandwiches.


What is a tuna pâté ?

Tuna pâté is a Groisillone specialty, this recipe is made from Germon white tuna from Breton fishing and Label Rouge Breton pig.

This pâté is an island heritage because the island of Groix was the first tuna port in France in the 20th century.

What are the main ingredients of our tuna pâtés?

Tuna pâtés are made with Label Rouge Breton Pork and Germon White Tuna from Breton fishing cooked with spices.

Where does the tuna used in our pâtés come from?

The tuna used in our tuna pâtés is Germon white tuna, the most qualitative species and the emblem of the island of Groix.

What is the recommended shelf life for our tuna pâtés?

Nos pâtés des thoniers se conservent dans un endroit frais et sec et sont à consommer dans les 3 jours après ouverture en les conservant au réfrigérateur.

How to use our tuna pâtés in your kitchen?

Tuna pâtés are real friendly and gourmet accompaniments: they are very popular as a toast as an aperitif or to enhance culinary preparations such as sandwiches.