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Our sardines: the perfect combination of flavour and nutrition

With its artisanal know-how, Groix & Nature offers a complete range of sardine products. Our sardine rillettes are caught with bolinche on the Breton coast then candied in the oven in our workshop to find this fondant in the mouth. Cooked with a hint of Espelette pepper or organic cayenne pepper, our sardine rillettes will seduce you. Marinated with our Lobster Oil or Seaweed Oil, discover this perfect balance between our culinary oils and the melting texture of canned sardines. Rich in omega-3, calcium and natural vitamins, sardines bring you all the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet.

Tasty and nutritious recipes with our sardine products

Our sardine rillettes are available in a multitude of delicious and light recipes, perfect for every day. Discover our suggestions to enhance your dishes thanks to the natural richness of these small blue fish.

Products from responsible fishing that support the local economy

At Groix & Nature, we are proud to work directly with a local fisherman located in Guilvinec to offer sardines caught locally in the bolinche. By choosing our products based on sardines, you contribute to support an artisanal and sustainable fishing industry, respectful of the environment. This is our commitment to preserve marine resources and support the Breton economy.


What varieties of products with sardines do we offer?

At Groix et Nature, we offer a wide range of products based on sardines caught on the Breton coast. Our signature creations include traditional sardines, available in lobster oil or seaweed oil. We also offer sardine rillettes, a deliciously creamy local specialty. You can especially enhance your appetizers with our sardine rillettes with Espelette pepper or organic cayenne pepper.

What is the best preservation method for our sardine products?

Conservation plays an essential role in preserving the natural flavour and nutrients of our sardines. That’s why we chose traditional canning, a conservation technique that keeps the nutritional qualities of fish intact. Our products should be stored at room temperature before opening, preferably in a cool and dry place. After opening, you can store them in the refrigerator. They are to be consumed within 3 days.

What is the origin of the sardines we use?

Originally from Saint-Guénolé and racing fisherman in the bay of Audierne, Gaëtan Lappart is our sardine supplier. The fruit of its peach is used to make our sardine rillettes with Espelette pepper and our sardine rillettes with organic cayenne pepper. Freshly landed at the port of Saint-Guénolé, sardines are caught with bolinche, a sustainable and responsible fishing method that respects the resource. They are then prepared and cooked in our workshop on the island of Groix.

What are the benefits of sardines?

Sardines are an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet. Rich in omega-3, they help reduce cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular disease. They are also an exceptional source of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12, essential for the proper functioning of the body. Finally, their high protein content makes them an ally of choice to preserve muscle mass. In short, the nutritional virtues of sardines make it an essential food for a balanced diet.

What recipes can we make with our sardine products?

Groix & Nature sardine products are perfect for all sauces! Our sardines in oil are available in traditional dishes such as ratatouille, pasta or salads, as well as in more original recipes. Try, for example, our suggestion of appetizer toast with sardines, fresh cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Our sardine rillettes go perfectly with raw vegetables, as an accompaniment to a dish or simply on toast. You can also indulge in our gravelax sardine bites. They can also be enjoyed as an aperitif or as a healthy and gourmet snack. Give free rein to your creativity to sublimate your dishes thanks to the richness of our products.

How are our sardine products prepared?

At Groix and Nature, we attach great importance to the quality and authentic flavor of our raw materials. Our sardines are caught in the respect of the environment, candied in the oven then delicately cooked in our workshop. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled to guarantee you exceptional products.