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Discover our selection of langoustine products, made for lovers of marine gastronomy. At Groix & Nature we want to sublimate the Langoustine, that is why we offer a range of products ranging from traditional soup, rillettes aperitifs to culinary oil Langoustine truffle. These products are made with respect for island know-how.

Enjoy our langoustine rillettes, perfect for elegant aperitifs or moments of conviviality. This recipe is prepared with local ingredients including Safran Bio Breton. This exceptional spice certified organic farming is cultivated and harvested by hand in Finistère. Rediscover the finesse and refined taste of langoustine combined with the subtlety of saffron!

Immerse yourself in the delicacy of Langoustine, and enjoy products that embody respect for the environment and Groisillon know-how.


What varieties of langoustine products do we offer ?

We offer a variety of langoustine products: Langoustine soup, langoustine rillettes with Safran Breton and a culinary oil of langoustine with truffle to delight your taste buds !

What is the best preservation method for our langoustine products?

Our rillettes and Langoustine soups are to be kept in a fresh and dry place and to be consumed preferably before the date indicated on the product. After opening, refrigerate the rillettes. Consume within 3 days. Store our oils the same way before opening. Consume them within 3 months in the refrigerator after opening.

What is the origin of the langoustines we use in our preserves ?

Our langoustines come from sustainable fishing in the North East Atlantic.

What are the benefits of langoustine ?

Langoustines are foods as good in the mouth as for our health: they are an excellent source of protein while having a low glycemic index. They provide nutrients and vitamins such as zinc, vitamin B12 and B6 and omega 3 !

What recipes can we make with our langoustine products ?

Our Langoustine products are available in multiple recipes for aperitif, meal and even dessert! Enjoy our rillettes in toast, bite, or spoon aperitif.

Discover our recipes based on Langoustine oil such as Pearl Chocolate Gavotte with Langoustine Truffle Oil and bavarois de langoustine. Of course don’t miss our unmissable Langoustine soup for your winter evenings.