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Kari Gosse is a blend of spices, mainly composed of ginger, cloves and turmeric. Ideal as an accompaniment to your shellfish and fish, its spicy and sweet taste accompanies many Breton recipes, the most famous of which is lobster with Kari Gosse!


A true marine seasoning, the Pesto Marin is a culinary plus that brings an iodized note to your dishes. Cooked with Wakaméand basil, the Sea Pesto is enjoyed with your pasta and perfumes your cakes and savourypies. Also ideal as an aperitif, the Sea pesto can be savoured on toasts or as an apetizers.



At Groix and Nature, we have put all our know-how and passion into creating refined and authentic hot dishes, ready to sublimate your meals. Our recipes are made with high quality ingredients, mainly produced locally.

Discover our Fish Soup, the Godaille des Thoniers a symphony of marine flavors that evokes the Breton tradition with each spoonful, but also our langoustine and mussel soups. Let yourself be tempted by the delicacy of our Groix Island Brandade, where cod blends harmoniously with the smoothness of potatoes.

For a unique taste experience, try our Tuna cooked with white beans and ratatouille, a generous and tasty recipe. Monkfish lentils and bacon offer a perfect marriage between land and sea, while tholognaise sublimates your dishes with its Breton authenticity.

Discover our hot dishes, cooked with care by our team and let yourself be carried away through authentic marine flavors.


What types of hot dishes do we offer ?

We offer a variety of carefully prepared hot dishes. Enjoy our ready-to-eat dishes such as Groix Island Brandade, White Bean Tuna and Ratatouille, Monkfish Lentils and bacon and our Pumpkins of Scallops for gourmet and authentic meals.

Enjoy our delicious fish soups, you can opt for our Godaille des Thoniers, our Velouté de Voules or our Langoustine soup.

To season your dishes, taste our sauces, between Tholognaise, Pesto Marin and Kari Gosse, many recipes can be made.

What seafood products do we use in our hot dishes ?

Our hot dishes are made from seafood, whether fish (tuna, monkfish, cod), crustaceans and molluscs (lobster, mussels, scallops) or organic seaweed harvested in Brittany.

How to use our hot dishes ?

Our ready-to-eat dishes are heated in the oven directly in their jars, 15 min at 180°C.

Our fish soups can be served plain, as a starter or as a main course. For an even tastier experience, we advise you to accompany them with some garlic croutons, available in our range.

Our sauces will delight your taste buds thanks to their multiple uses: Pesto Marin is eaten with your pasta and perfumes your cakes and savory pies, it is also ideal as an aperitif, on toast or in the mouth.

Tholognaise can be enjoyed as a meal sauce, with pasta, rice, salad or for bruschettas.

What is the origin of the products used in our hot dishes ?

Our sauces are made from selected ingredients, the marine pesto is cooked from basil and Wakamé, our Tholognaise is composed of Germon white tuna from Breton fishing and chorizo in tribute to Portuguese families who came to settle on the island of Groix in the 1950s.

Our seafood comes mainly from small fishing vessels. We work closely with local fishmongers to ensure the traceability and authenticity of our ingredients.

This proximity to our suppliers allows us to control the entire production chain, from the sea to your plate. We also choose to work as much as possible with vegetables and condiments of French origin.