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A range of exceptional seafood products

At Groix & Nature, we are proud to offer a refined selection of seafood products of exceptional quality. From delicious rillettes with subtle aromas to preserves of fine fish, each of our creations highlights the treasures of the ocean. Our partners carefully select the best fish and crustaceans, harvested using sustainable methods, to offer you an exceptional culinary experience.

Groix & Nature’s commitment to responsible fishing

Concerned about the environment, we are committed to working closely with local fishmongers who share our values of respect for nature. Our products come from sustainable fishing, guaranteeing the preservation of marine ecosystems. Whether you cook them as a starter, main course or side dish, our fish recipes will sublimate your culinary creations and make you travel to the heart of Breton flavors.


What types of fish products do we offer ?

At Groix & Nature, we offer a wide range of fish products, from rillettes to preserves, to delight all palates. You can discover our delicious fish rillettes—tuna, sardines, mackerel—but also crustaceans such as lobster rillettes, or shellfish such as scallop rillettes.

We also offer canned tuna and sardines, for quick and tasty meals. Whether you are a seafood lover or looking for new flavors, our selection will meet all your desires.

What types of fish do we use in your products ?

At Groix & Nature, we work exclusively with noble and high-quality fish. You will find in our products species such as albacore tuna, sea bass, abalone, blue lobster, Scottish salmon.

We carefully select these fish from local fishmongers who share our values of respect for the environment. Each ingredient is chosen to enhance the natural flavors of seafood and offer an exceptional taste experience.

Where do our fish come from ?

True to our Breton roots, we source as much as possible from local fishermen. Our sardines are caught with the bolinche and landed on the port of Guilvinec. Albacore tuna, hake, grondin, sea bream come from Breton fishing; mussels and abalone directly from the island of Groix.

This territorial anchoring allows us to guarantee the freshness and traceability of our products, while supporting the local economy and artisanal know-how.

What are the nutritional benefits of our fish products ?

Rich in high-quality protein, omega-3 and vitamins, the fish used in our recipes have many health benefits. Essential elements of a balanced diet, seafood products are known for their cardio-protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

The use of the canning process ensures that we retain all the nutrients, but also all the flavors of our products.

In addition, our artisanal processing methods fully preserve the nutritional qualities of the fish, for a taste and healthy experience.