Abalones marinated in Groix pepper

Abalones marinated in Groix pepper

Discover our novelty, Abalones marinated in Groix Pepper!

Delicately marinated in grape seed oil infused with shallots, garlic and chilli peppers, our Marinated Abalone with Groix Pepper are a true culinary discovery.

This is a recipe to taste in tapas for an original and unique aperitif. The iodized taste of abalone associated with this endemic spice of the island of Groix will delight your taste buds!

Abalones from Groix Island, bred by Erwann Tonnerre, are fed with fresh seaweed harvested on the island. These precious gastropods have an exceptional iodine taste.

To make the marinade, we have selected Groix Pepper or Piment Gorria. Grown by Isabelle and Yves Guélou, market gardeners on the island of Groix, it comes from Organic Farming and subtly scents the marinade.

The product label was designed by Agathe Marin, an illustrator who manually manufactures notebooks and books in her workshop on the island of Groix.

This 100% groisillon product highlights the know-how of island producers and the high quality of their products.

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