• Discover this new exclusive recipe for bar truffle rillettes for the end of year celebrations in limited edition!  It is only natural that we have joined forces with Maison Plantin, a family business and expert in the art of truffles since 1930.  Find on the palate the finesse of the sea bass (37%) which we have combined with Maison Plantin Truffle for a...

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  • Cooked from Blue Lobster (the Breton Lobster), considered as the finest of the crustaceans, discover the tender and refined meat of the Lobster (30.5%) through this recipe that will delight gourmets. Raised at the Kari Gosse, a spice mixture well known to gourmets, find in the mouth the fine and delicate taste of the Lobster.Did you know ?Created in...

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  • Discover this recipe of Scallops cooked in Breton style, the most appreciated of the gourmets! Rich in delicate and melting fibers, these rillettes reveal all the flavors of scallops cooked with butter, shallots and parsley. A real treat !

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  • Groix & Nature lobster oil sublimates your culinary preparations to perfection. Unique, it is made from blue lobster, grape seed oil and herbs. It sublimes the taste of your preparations and gives a colorful, original and creative touch to your dishes. It lends itself to many uses: tagliatelle with seafood, salads, carpaccios of St Jacques, fillets of...

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  • Groix & Nature natural truffle flavored langoustine oil magnifies your culinary preparations wonderfully! Unique, it is made from grape seed oil in which the langoustines are infused. It sublimates the taste of your preparations and gives a colourful, original and creative touch to your dishes.

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  • Discover our Crab Oil with bird chili. Infused in grapeseed oil, the crab shells are delicately seasoned with bird chili. Ideal on tagliatelle or seafood risotto, as an accompaniment to accras, sushi or a fish carpaccio, a real treat!

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  • The Groix et Nature cannery has published a festive gourmet box for Christmas, ready to be given as a gift or to be eaten. For a festive aperitif... Enjoy our Rillettes rich in salmon fillets (63%) from Scotland, which will seduce you with their smooth texture and refined taste. Our Sardine Rillettes (62%) cooked with a touch of Espelette pepper is rich...

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  • Discover this assortment box of our three culinary shellfish oils that will awaken your taste buds!Lobster Oil Langoustine oil with natural truffle flavor Crab oil with bird's eye chiliA true culinary aid, enjoy this gourmet set with a festive look for Christmas, the ideal gift to give!

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  • This box of mini rillettes is ideal for the picnics by the sea. It is also to discover 4 recipes flags of cooked rillettes on the island of Groix! As an aperitif, taste all these flavors on beautiful slices of bread. Lobster Rillettes , Scallop Rillettes, Trout Rillettes and Mackerel with Sichuan pepper Rillettes take you on a trip.This box consists of 4...

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  • This set reveals a perfect match of three exceptional recipes.Discover the delicacy of the Scallops and the flavors of the Salmon associated with our emblematic Lobster Oil.Genuine culinary help, it is ideal to sublimate your dishes.

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  • This prestigious box reveals a perfect harmony of four exceptional references! Discover the delicacy of sea bass rillettes, the iodized flavors of crab rillettes and the finesse of langoustine rillettes with Breton saffron combined with our new Langoustine Oil with natural truffle flavour.

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  • Cooked with raw materials mainly from local fisheries, these authentic recipes give you the original taste of each fish. Combined with a touch of Espelette pepper and Sichuan pepper, these rillettes deliver aromatic flavours that will bring an original note to your aperitifs!

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  • Discover our Lobster Potines with Kari Gosse in their festive setting for a very selective aperitif or starter! Find in the mouth the tender and refined flesh of the Blue Lobster considered the finest of crustaceans, spiced up with a hint of Kari Gosse, a blend of Breton spices well known to fine gourmets! Ready to use, they are to be heated directly in...

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  • Discover our Scallop Potines with organic aromatics in their festive setting for an aperitif or a most selective starter! Find in the mouth the fine and delicate taste of scallops cooked in butter and shallots, a real treat! Ready to use, they can be reheated directly in the oven for 5 min at 220 ° C and eaten directly in their potines.

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