• Cooked from salmon fillets and smoked salmon from Organic Farming (51%), discover this authentic and tasty recipe. Beautifully pink and fragrant, our fine and creamy rillettes are perfect for blinis.

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  • Tasty rillettes rich in trout fillets (50%) from organic farming from Brittany and cooked with a touch of green pepper. To be enjoyed on toast as an aperitif or as a starter accompanied by toasted bread and a green salad.

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  • Discover this recipe for Scallop Rillettes cooked in Breton style, the most popular among gourmets! Rich in delicate and tender fibers (47%), these rillettes reveal all the flavors of scallops cooked with butter, shallots and parsley from Organic Farming. A real treat !

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  • Let yourself be seduced by these Sardine Rillettes with Espelette Pepper rich in sardine fillets (62%) fished with bolinche in Brittany. Candied in the oven in our workshop, discover the authentic taste of sardines enhanced with a hint of organic Cayenne pepper for a recipe that is both subtle and tasty.

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  • Subtle iodized blend of 4 fresh organic algae harvested by hand on our Breton coasts (Sea Lettuce, Dulse, Nori, Wakamé) our Organic Seaweed Tartar is cooked with Olive Oil and Carrots. Crunchy in the mouth, discover the subtle taste of seaweed through this fresh and iodized recipe. Ideal as an accompaniment to vegetable salads or on toast.

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  • Discover our organic garlic croutons, made by the last artisanal rusk in France from 100% French wheat, without coloring or preservatives. Their crispy texture and hint of garlic go wonderfully with our fish and shellfish soups!

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