Tartars and Sea Caviars

  • Subtle blend of 3 seaweeds (32%) - Sea Lettuce, Dulse, Sea Beans - harvested fresh by hand in Brittany coasts, this recipe is fresh and iodized. Ideal for an aperitif with breadsticks or with smoked salmon, our Seaweed Tartar with capers & pickles is also  perfect to enhance your fish or your mayonnaise.

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  • Magnified thanks to a touch of cumin and spices, this marine caviar rich in carrots is cooked with wakame to give a marine note to your aperitifs. A beautiful alliance of land and sea to be tasted fresh on toast or accompanied with breadsticks.

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  • Subtle iodized blend of 4 fresh organic algae harvested by hand on our Breton coasts (Sea Lettuce, Dulse, Nori, Wakamé) our Organic Seaweed Tartar is cooked with Olive Oil and Carrots. Crunchy in the mouth, discover the subtle taste of seaweed through this fresh and iodized recipe. Ideal as an accompaniment to vegetable salads or on toast.

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