Pâté des Thoniers with Colombo

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(Including 1 % donated to the SNSM)

A new range of Pâtés which pays tribute to the fishermen of the Tuna boats of the island of Groix.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Groix was the leading tuna port in France with more than 300 boats dedicated to fishing for White Germon tuna, also called Dundees.

The three recipes of Pâtés des Thoniers are intended to be authentic and tasty through their association Land&Sea.

Discover the iodized notes of the authentic recipe, the originality of the Chorizo ​​one and the sweet spicy notes of the Colombo one that will make your taste buds travel!

  • weight : 100g
  • Price per kg : 58€


Porc 40%, Thon blanc germon (Thunnus alalunga) 34%, fumet de poissons (poissons, eau, échalotes, ail, huile d'olive, persil, sel de Guérande) oignon, farine de blé, ail, persil, huile d'olive, colombo (curcuma, moutarde, poivre noir, paprika, coriandre, cumin, fenugrec) 0.55%, sel de Guérande, agar agar, sucre, poivre noir, cannelle.

Traces éventuelles de crustacés, mollusques, lait et produits à base de lait


  • Matières grasses : 19 g
  • Acides gras saturés : 6.8 g
  • Glucides : 4.8 g dont sucres : 0.7 g
  • Protéines : 17 g
  • Sel : 0.72 g
  • KCal/100g : 260
  • KJ/100g : 1082

The manufacturer

Moulin Marée

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