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A Breton fishing for an exceptional tuna

From a Breton fishing from Breton boats, landed in Brittany and worked by Breton spinners, the fillets of albacore tuna from Groix & Nature offer an exceptional taste experience. Delicately preserved in their olive oil or cooked with natural or tomato, these tuna cans are full of nutritional benefits.

Tuna cans rich in flavours and benefits

Whether you enjoy them in a salad, sandwich, pasta, pie or quiche, Groix & Nature tuna cans will enhance your recipes with their generous and authentic flavor. Preserving canned tuna keeps all its nutritional qualities intact, making it the ideal choice for a healthy and tasty diet.

Rediscover the best of canned tuna with Groix & Nature

Discover today the best canned tuna with Groix & Nature. Their cans of Breton tuna in olive oil or natural offer a concentrate of freshness and benefits, for moments of tasting rich in flavors.


What type of tuna is used in our cans ?

At Groix & Nature, we select only the best varieties of tuna, in this case white germon tuna. Caught in the fresh waters of the Atlantic coast, this high-quality tuna is distinguished by its smooth flesh, delicate flavor and richness in essential nutrients. 

The white germon tuna tuna we use comes from a Breton fishing from Breton boats, landed in Brittany and worked by Breton spinners.

What are the nutritional benefits of canned tuna ?

Rich in high-quality protein, the white germon tuna we use in our boxes is also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, known for their cardiovascular health benefits.

Our tuna cans are delicately preserved in extra virgin olive oil, itself renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Our choice of olive oil keeps all the nutritional qualities of tuna intact. Our boxes are free of additives or flavour enhancers, offering a healthy and natural product.

What recipe ideas with canned tuna ?

Tasty, canned tuna Groix & Nature lends itself to multiple culinary preparations. In salads, it will bring a protein and generous touch, whether in a Niçoise salad, a rice salad or a simple green salad. As a sandwich, canned tuna will go perfectly with fresh ingredients such as tomato, avocado or pickles. For hot dishes, you can add it to pasta, pies or quiches, or heat it in a pan of vegetables. For a fast and balanced meal, do not hesitate to combine it with starchy foods such as rice, potatoes or pasta. With Groix & Nature tuna, the possibilities are endless to vary the pleasures and flavors!