• Our cuttlefish whites from Brittany are finely marinated in olive oil, onions and Breton Curry, a clever blend of spices and seaweed. Find in the mouth the fondant of the cuttlefish associated with this original marinade both very aromatic and iodized.

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  • Originally from Brittany, our octopuses are delicately smoked with beech wood in our workshop on the island of Groix to give them this melting texture and this authentic taste in the mouth. Discover all the flavors of the tender and delicate flesh of the octopus associated with our marinade cooked from olive oil infused with herbs and spices, a marvel in...

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  • Delicately marinated in grapeseed oil in which shallots, garlic and Groix pepper are infused, our Marinated Ormeaux are a real culinary discovery. Discover the unique flavor of this rare gastropod raised on the island of Groix and its iodized taste associated with this endemic spice that will delight your taste buds!

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