Kari Gosse: the Breton curry

Kari Gosse: the Breton curry

The Kari Gosse :

Kari Gosse is a combination of spices, mainly composed of ginger, cloves and turmeric. Its exact composition remains a closely guarded secret!

Although Kari Gosse was first used for its medicinal properties, it was quickly adopted by all the gourmets of the Lorient region where it was imported by the East India Company.

Since then, Kari Gosse has been used to season shellfish and fish. Its spicy and sweet taste is used in many Breton recipes, the most famous of which is lobster with Kari Gosse.

Our Lobster Confit with Kari Gosse :

For simple but elegant recipes, our Lobster confit with Kari Gosse will come to raise your appetizers as your entries.

It is eaten hot, accompanied by small seasonal vegetables or to complete a good dish of pasta with fresh eggs. Its roundness marries perfectly with herbs such as parsley or coriander and will take you on a journey to the East.

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