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Scallop rillettes: an exceptional taste experience

Our scallop rillettes are carefully made from quality ingredients. Each bite reveals rich and authentic flavors, highlighting the freshness of the sea and the finesse of this shell.

Artisanal and high-end rillettes to enhance your appetizers

Developed with artisanal know-how, these rillettes come in gourmet versions, ready to spread for your appetizers and meals. Whether it is glasses, tapas or toasts, our rillettes of Saint-Jacques will sublimate your culinary creations.

Pairing and wine with Saint-Jacques rillettes

Perfect for a chic and refined aperitif, our rillettes go wonderfully well with dry white wines or champagne. Let yourself be tempted by these high-end products, real concentrates of freshness and marine flavors. Our Rillettes de Saint-Jacques: the perfect combination of delicacy and elegance for an unforgettable taste experience.


Where do the scallops used in our products come from ?

Anxious to offer products of impeccable quality, we use St Jacques of Celtic Sea origin or France origin for St Jacques Bio. Our scallops come from sources as close as possible to our coasts guaranteeing an incomparable flavor.

By favouring suppliers close to our territory, we also contribute to reducing the environmental impact of transport. Each jar of Groix & Nature rillettes is a reflection of an artisanal know-how rooted in our Breton terroir.

What are the nutritional benefits of scallops ?

In addition to their delicious marine taste, scallops have many health benefits. Rich in high-quality protein, they are also packed with omega-3s and essential fatty acids.

In addition, scallops are an excellent source of vitamins B12 and selenium, two essential nutrients for nutritional balance. By tasting our rillettes, you will therefore fully enjoy the nutritional qualities of this delicious shell, all in a practical and tasty format.

How to use scallops rillettes for aperitif ?

Our Saint-Jacques rillettes are ideal to enhance your aperitif moments. They are available in glasses, toasts or even spreads on crackers, for a chic and refined tasting.

You can also use them as toppings in blinis, mini-bagels or mini toasts. They go perfectly with dry white wines or Champagne, for a subtle combination of food and wine.

For a touch of originality, do not hesitate to combine them with condiments such as red onion pickles, candied lemon or pink berries. Unleash your creativity to impress your guests!

What recipe ideas do we offer with scallops rillettes ?

Beyond the aperitif, our rillettes of Saint-Jacques are also invited in your culinary preparations.

They can enhance the flavor of your salads, to be served as a starter on toasted toast. They go perfectly with fresh herbs such as dill, parsley or leeks.

Discover our recipe for Duo of leeks and rillettes of Noix de Saint Jacques à la Bretonne or the recipe for Sweet Potato Parmentier with ST-Jacques à la Bretonne Rillettes or Makis de Rillettes de Saint Jacques au poireau.

For a main course, feel free to incorporate them into your risottos, quiches and savoury pies. They will bring a touch of refinement and delicacy to your recipes.

Our rillettes of Saint-Jacques will sublimate your culinary creations with delicacy.