Local & gastronomic know-how

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Top quality raw materials

At Groix & Nature, we carefully select the products that come straight from the sea: blue lobster, sardines, germon tuna, scallops, oysters, crabs and abalone are fished exclusively by coastal fishing boats in the Northeast Atlantic. Our seaweeds, sea lettuce, wakame and dulse are harvested along the Breton coastlines. These are mainly purchased directly from producers, as we give preference to short, local supply channels.

Equipe Groix et Nature

A skilled and passionate team

A team of skilled and passionate enthusiasts that has developed over the years make up the backbone of our company. The taste of real products is what we care for and we let time work its magic as they brown, simmer and reduce. The men and women who work in our company are skilled in the art of good cuisine.

Traditionally made and refined

A fishing school and at least 5 fish canneries in the early 20th century were the pride of Groix. The island also boasts traditional recipes that are part and parcel of the life here. The island of Groix has a magnificent gastronomic heritage. Inspired by the island culinary tradition, our recipes are full of character. They will also take you on a journey along the route of the East India Company. The refined, gourmet dishes are cooked using traditional methods.

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