One island, one passion and men.

On the island of Groix, Groix & Nature makes rillettes, cooked dishes, soups and culinary aids cooked with passion. Made for you fresh from the land and the sea.

Port Tudy Groix et Nature

One island.

The history of Groix & Nature, is first of all that of a territory: the island of Groix in Southern Brittany. A geological miracle, the beauty of its landscape conceals mysteries. Its beaches, villages, rocks and cliffs are an invitation to discovery. Beaten by the winds and spray, a haven of peace, its inhabitants and fishermen perpetuate traditions and preserve their environment.

The island of Groix’s canning craft.

Just a stone's throw from Port Lay, Groix & Nature workshop is part of the local landscape thanks to its simple, pure lines design, with noble and natural materials in harmony with its surroundings.

Interview Christian Guyader Groix et Nature

Christion Guyader, Groix & Nature’s CEO

« Groix & Nature is the fruit of my meeting with Dominique Yvon in 1999, the island’s mayor, who’s intent was to develop and preserve « his » island. In setting up our workshop in Mez Ker Port Lay we showed how strongly we were attached to our land, that « garden over the ocean » so beloved by our sailors and farmers.

Today, Groix & Nature is a family business that is growing responsibly and in harmony with the land, with the island of Groix, and with Brittany.

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