Our Partners

  • Exceptional raw materials

    Exceptional raw materials Fishermen and shellfish farmers provide you with the best of their territory while respecting seasonality. These line-based bass fishermen, producers of abalone, oysters, blue lobster, scallops and even sardines and mackerel, select exceptional raw materials every day, while respecting the resource.

  • Moulin Marée

    Jean Besnard

    Fish fishmonger in Lorient for three generations, Moulin Marée is our preferred partner in fish and seafood fillets. We receive fish fillets every day at the production workshop on the island of Groix for the preparation of our recipes. . Located opposite the island of Groix, the port of Lorient is an emblematic place for fishing in France.

  • Groix Haliotis

    Erwan Tonerre

    The abalone or ear of the sea, is a precious gastropod whose fishing is strictly regulated and limited; it lives at the base of the shallows or under the rocks in Brittany. Iodized with an inimitable taste, abalone feeds on algae and plant particles. Erwan Tonnerre, a passionate abalone farmer on the island of Groix, specializes in breeding abalone from spat.

  • Cinq Degrés Ouest

    Alexis Taugé

    Based in the port of Lorient, the company 5 Degrés Ouest specializes in blue lobster meat and other crustaceans and shellfish, obtained by a unique cold shelling process which gives them unrivaled qualities in terms of taste and texture.

  • Furic Marée

    Guy Bechennec

    Furic Marée is present in the Breton and Normandy fish markets and works on processing fish in its workshops near the fish markets. Delivered every day on the island of Groix, we receive the fish filleted for the preparation of our recipes

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