Pack 4 Soups

Pack 4 Soups

The soups are part of the culinary tradition of the island of Groix. They are prepared without artifice: without coloring, preservative, flavor enhancer and thickener.

To taste nature or accompanied by croutons for a generous and authentic dish.

This pack of 4 soups (4x 400gr) consisting of 2 Fish Soups/ La Godaille, 1 Mussel Soup and 1 Crustacean Soup is an ideal assortment to discover these 3 different recipes.



This pack is composed of 4 boxes of soups of 400g each: 1 can of soup of mussels, 1 box of soup of crustaceans and 2 boxes of fish soup.


(7%), mackerel (7%), white wine (sulphites), onions, tomato concentrate, muscadet, leeks, shallots, olive oil , Salt, parsley, garlic, pepper, coriander, thyme, laurel, saffron Possible traces of crustaceans, molluscs, cereals, celery, nuts, milk, mustard, sesame.

Soup of crustaceans: water, fish, crab (7.5%), langoustines (5%), white wine (sulphites), crushed peeled tomatoes, shallots, carrots, olive oil, armagnac, salt, Espelette Possible traces of molluscs, celery, cereals, nuts, milk, mustard, sesame

Mussel soup: water, mussels (32%), fish, potatoes, white wine (sulphites), onions, shallots, muscadet, leeks, wheat flour, celery, olive oil, spices and herbs Crustaceans, nuts, milk, sesame

  • weight : 4x400gr
  • Price per kg : 12.19€

19,90 € tax incl.

(Including 1 % donated to the SNSM)

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